Emirates baggage information: baggage allowance 2023, baggage rules, lost baggage, track baggage, baggage services

Emirates baggage information: baggage allowance 2023, baggage rules, lost baggage, track baggage, baggage services

When you buy your ticket on an Emirates flight, find out in advance how much luggage you can take with you on your flight.


Depending on your itinerary, airlines set baggage allowances based on either weight or number of bags. This is in line with international regulations.


Emirates checked baggage (Emirates checked baggage dimensions)

To find out the baggage rules on a specific route and the cost of extra baggage, please refer to the “Manage your bookings” menu.


You may check in any number of pieces of luggage, but the total weight must not exceed the value set for your class of service. The weight of a single piece of luggage may not exceed 32 kg.

** – 25 kilograms at the Economy Special fare on flights between India and the UAE.

*** – 30 kilos at the Economy Saver fare for flights departing from New Zealand and Australia.


Emirates checked baggage size dimensions:

The size of each piece of luggage may not exceed 300 cm in the sum of all three dimensions (length + width + height). If there is an excess, these bags will not be accepted as luggage. When departing from Dammam airport, your luggage should not exceed 215 cm in size.


Emirates prohibited items in checked baggage:

Items or substances that may pose a threat to the health and safety of passengers or that may damage the aircraft are prohibited for carriage.


Emirates hand baggage allowance (Emirates cabin baggage rules)

In addition to check in baggage, hand baggage is allowed:

  • First and Business Class: 2 pieces of hand baggage, total weight not exceeding 7 and 7 kg (The dimensions of the briefcase must not exceed 45 × 35 × 20 cm; the dimensions of the bag must not exceed 55 × 38 × 20 cm; the thickness of the garment bag must not exceed 20 cm when folded.).
  • Economy Class: 1 piece of hand baggage, the weight of which may not exceed 7 kg (Dimensions must not exceed 55 × 38 × 20 cm).
  • Premium Economy Class: 1 piece of hand baggage, the weight must not exceed 10 kg (22 lbs).



  • If you are departing from India, you are allowed one piece of hand luggage. The sum of length, width, and height may not exceed 115 cm.
  • If you are departing from Brazil, you are allowed up to 10 kg of hand luggage.



Emirates baggage customer care number (Emirates lost baggage contact number)

If you need to contact a helpline, please call (Emirates contact number 24 hours):

  • +64508364728 (Emirates NZ contact number),
  • +971600555555 (Emirates UAE contact number),
  • +443448002777 (Emirates UK contact number),
  • +18007773999 (Emirates USA contact number),
  • +4008822380 (Emirates China contact number)
  • +9668008500022 (Emirates Saudi Arabia contact number).
  • +919167003333 (Emirates India contact number).
  • +622129345555 (Emirates Indonesia contact number)
  • +611300303777 (Emirates Australia contact number)
  • +27103440608 (Emirates South Africa contact number)
  • +96522055155 (Emirates Kuwait contact number)
  • +60362074999 (Emirates Malaysia contact number)
  • +96824404444 (Emirates Oman contact number)
  • +63277926045 (Emirates Philippines contact number)
  • +6566221770 (Emirates Singapore contact number)



Emirates delayed baggage (Emirates missing baggage) (Emirates lost baggage compensation)

If your luggage delivery is delayed or damaged, the airline will provide you with up-to-date information on the status of such luggage on a dedicated page on the Emirates website (You will need to provide your name and a claim identification number (PIR) to get all the important information. The PIR will be sent once the application has been completed):


Emirates excess baggage charges (Emirates extra baggage cost)

You can pay for your extra baggage online. In this case, you will spend less than you would have paid at the airport. You can also pay for extra baggage at the check-in desk in local currency or at your local Emirates office.


If you want to pay online, go to ‘Manage your reservations’ and enter your reservation code. You can find out the baggage fee and pay at least 4 hours before departure.


Paying for excess baggage weight (All amounts are per kilogram):


Payment for additional baggage pieces (Prices are for each additional piece of luggage):


Charges for excess baggage and weight: